Exploring chemistry, improving life!
If there is no chemistry advancement, the earth can only carry the world's existing 2/3 of the population; if there is no synthetic chemistry and chemical technology to synthesize nutrition and drugs, the intake of nutrients for human will be reduced by 1/3 and the average life expectancy will be decreased. So far, based on the development of chemistry, it already covered all areas of life and was integrated into people’s life. NHU is motivated by chemical technology, making innovation in life sciences and materials science to face the challenges with respect to food, environment and life quality and to promote sustainable and healthy development of mankind and the planet by working with customers and partners.


Create wealth, employees and society

Zhejiang NHU Company Ltd.

Founded in 1999, listed on the SME board in Shenzhen in 2004, stock code 002001

NHU in the World

  • Headquarter

    Xinchang, Zhejiang Province, China
  • 3 Production bases

    Weifang, Shandong Province; Shangyu, Zhejiang Province; Xinchang, Zhejiang Province
  • Global marketing regions

    Europe, South America; North America; APAC; Middle East
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